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My Articles

Paradigms Unleashed
For Mage: the Ascension, World of Darkness: Sorcerer, and Mage: the Sorcerer's Crusade; making magic of all varieties more flexible and more comprehensive.
GURPS Mecha Options
For GURPS Mecha; just what it says.
Custom Forms v2.5
For Mekton Zeta; How to design your own forms, fully compatable with existing Mekton Zeta Forms.
BESM House Rules
For Big Eyes, Small Mouth; this includes the addition of Abilities and a dice mechanic which allows for a "roll high" paradigm.

Local Archives

GURPS Requiem
Elves, dwarves, valkyries, djinni, and mystical adepts hiding in the modern world.
GURPS Ritual Magic
From the pen of M.A. Lloyd and others comes an incomplete net supplement for GURPS Voodoo. This system expands on the Ritual Magic system introduced in GURPS Voodoo to include even more real-world magical beliefs.

Web Resources

Anders Sandberg's Mage Page
Probably the best source of information for Mage: the Ascension.
B. J. Zanzibar's World of Darkness
The website for World of Darkness material.
Ex Libris Nocturnis
Home of the White Wolf Coming Attractions FAQ.
Tbone's GURPS Diner
Home of GULLIVER, the most thorough expansion and revision for GURPS anywhere.
the GURPSnet Archives
A compilation of miscellaneous rules ideas for GURPS, and the homepage for the GURPSnet mailing list
John Kim's Free RPGs on the Web
Links to over 200 free RPGs, with descriptions
Kith and Kind
Optional rules for Changeling: the Dreaming for more versatility amongst the Kithain
the Mekton Bastion
Probably the most complete set of house rules for R. Talsorian Games' Mekton Zeta.
Online Rote Database
A searchable database of fan-authored Rotes for Mage: the Ascension.
Scattered Dreams
The most complete reference for official Changeling material that I've seen.
Spirits and the Astral Plane
In-depth GURPS rules for handling spirits. Good stuff, but not the way that I would do it.
Three Fates GURPS Page
Conversions and new worldbooks for GURPS, including three adaptations of White Wolf Gaming Studios' World of Darkness: Mummy, Vampire: the Dark Ages, and Wraith: the Oblivion. Also included are Super Robots, Once More Unto the Breach, and the Adventure Archives.
White Wolf Book Reviews
Not really useful in terms of actual reviews (there aren't many, yet); but very useful as an index of White Wolf products, past and present.

Gaming Companies

Guardians of Order
The publishers of the Big Eyes, Small Mouth anime role-playing game.
Hero Games
Creators of the Hero System, and co-creators of the Fuzion System.
R. Talsorian Games
the makers of Cyberpunk, Castle Falkenstein, Cybergeneration, and Mekton Zeta; co-creators of Fuzion.
Steve Jackson Games
Publishers of GURPS, In Nomine, and Toon
White Wolf Gaming Studio
Publishers of the World of Darkness series, as well as the Aberrant/Trinity series.


My Fanfics

Amanda Sefton is the new Magik; but how did she get her Soulsword? A story intended for die-hard fans of the original Magik, as well as her modern counterpart.
Cat's Tale
A side story to Soulsearch, and involves the destruction of the X-Men.

Local Archives

Nothing yet.

Web Resources

Chroma City
Includes the Annotated Crisis of Infinite Earths and the Handbook of the Amalgam Universe.
the Magik FAQ
the Magik Timeline
the Comic Fan-Fiction Authors Network
Gargoyles Fans website
Home of the Gargoyles Saga, inspired by Disney's Gargloyles.
Comic Book Life


DC Comics
Marvel Comics