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Ritual Magic Paths

Source:Jonathan Lang

Note: Every page in this document includes a mention of the primary source for that page. Unless otherwise stated, assume that everything on that page comes straight from the source in question.

Warning: Ritual Magic Paths is incomplete; while efforts have been made to present a consistent and detailed system, it hasn't always been possible.

--Construction Zone--

Note: Any section with an appearance similar to this paragraph is "under construction", and hasn't been checked out to its creator's satisfaction; use it with caution.

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  1. Ritual Magic
    1. the Path of the Dead (Death)
    2. the Path of Dreams
    3. the Path of the Elements
    4. the Path of Fate (Luck)
    5. the Path of Glamoury (Illusion)
    6. the Path of Health (Life)
    7. the Path of Journeys
    8. the Path of Nature
    9. the Path of Passions (Emotions)
    10. the Path of Protection (Warding)
    11. the Path of Spirits (Sorcery)
    12. the Path of Transformation (Shapeshift)
    13. the Path of Visions
    14. other Paths and Rituals
  2. Spiritual Magic
    1. Abilities
    2. Shamanism
    3. Possession
    4. Blessings and Pacts
  3. Psychic Magic
    1. Physical Disciplines
    2. Meditative Disciplines
    3. Charismatic Magic
    4. Trickery, Deceit, and Special Effects
  4. Seers and Oracles
  5. Advantages, Disadvantages, and Skills