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Steve Jackson Games is committed to full support of the GURPS system. Our address is SJ Games, Box 18957, Austin, TX 78760. Please include a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE) any time you write us! Resources now available include:

Pyramid. This bimonthly newsletter includes new rules, and articles for GURPS, as well as information on our other lines: Car Wars, Toon, Ogre Miniatures, INWO, In Nomine and more. It also covers top releases from other game companies -- Traveller, Call of Cthulhu, Shadowrun, etc.

New supplements and adventures. We're always working on new material, and we'll be happy to let you know what's available. A current catalog is available for an SASE.

Errata. Everyone makes mistakes, including us -- but we do our best to fix our errors. Up-to-date errata sheets for all GURPS releases, including this book, are always available from SJ Games; be sure to include a SASE with your request.

Q&A. We do our best to answer any game questions accompanied by a SASE.

Gamer input. We value your comments. We will consider them, not only for new products, but also when we update this book for later printings!

Illuminati Online. For those who have home computers, SJ Games has an online service for many games, including GURPS. Here's where we do a lot of our playtesting! It's up 24 hours per day at 512-448-8950, at up to 14.4K baud -- or telnet to Give us a call! We also have conferences on Compuserve, GEnie, and America Online.

Page References

Rules and statistics in this book are specifically for GURPS Basic Set, Third Edition, Revised. Any page reference that begins with a B refers to the GURPS Basic Set -- e.g., p. B102 means page 102 of the GURPS Basic Set, Third Edition, Revised. M refers to GURPS Magic, and GR refers to GURPS Grimoire.

About the Author

J.C. Connors is a senior at Vanderbilt University, and a long-time GURPS fan. Other than deciding on a career, he spends his time on karate, running the university television station, painting, and trying to fit all of his GURPS books in his dorm room. He spends entirely too much time writing papers and sitting in the theatre's greenroom and can't wait to see the light of day. He's been writing his own games since he was about nine, and is very happy to see that they've progressed from crayon-written, stapled notebook pages to a real, published gamebook. This is his first GURPS book, which he'd like to dedicate to Michelle, a truly magical person.