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The Majestati have developed their own terminology for many of the people, places, and events in their history. Though quite a few are drawn from Latin, many come from the original languages of the Majestati. These various words are taught immediately to new Majestati, so that they can understand their fellows and communicate with them easily.

Adepts -- The humans that have been given a Shard of magic by an Incuban and the ability to use magic. Aesir -- The Norse gods worshipped and searched for by the valkyrja and the volsunga. Agnes -- A small group of Majestati Adepts. Aquari -- Sea elves. Bragi -- Half-dwarves. Cryari -- Ice elves. Debacle -- The Incuban spell that caused magic to leave the world. Also called the Dies Irae, the Day of Wrath, usually by the elves. Dominant Races -- The four races -- elves, dwarves, djinn, and valkyrja -- that were brought back to the modern world by the Incubans. Elfhame -- An elven city located in the Ponthieu Wood, France, which is home to the elven High Council. Fenrir -- Ferocious wolves descended from the legendary Fenris-wolf. Gray Lineages -- The two elven lineages that the Incubans have not seemed to have brought back -- the mawari and the lunari. The elves seek the existence of any members of these lost lineages. Grendel -- A race of savage men born with an inborn hatred towards the Majestati. The Grendel were created during the Second Requiem. Gudrun -- Dwarves who believe that by collecting all the Rings of Andvaranaut, they will be able to defeat the Incubans and magic will return. Ifrits -- A race of warrior djinn. Incubans -- The seven powerful and immortal mages responsible for destroying magic. They include Thalcos, Merlyn, Whio, Medea, Imhotep, Nebuchenezzer, and Prospero. Innamorati -- Majestati that have not been told of their true magical heritage. Or, very inexperienced Majestati. Jann -- The main race of djinn. Jotuns -- Troll-like creatures that managed to survive the Debacle. According to the valkyrja, the Jotuns were reduced to a shadowy essence after the Debacle, and they can inhabit and possess the Majestati.. Kaeljaana -- One of the three legendary ssazanthi cities. Kayanari -- Not translated well to English, the kayanari are the ``whisper'' elves. Kirsjanin -- One of the three legendary ssazanthi cities. Lost Child -- Somebody that has permanently lost their magic because of their lack of faith. Lunari -- Moon elves that were not brought back by the Requiem. Majestati -- Humans born with the reincarnated spirits of nonhumans from the past. They were created by the Incubans with the Requiem and the Second Requiem. The known organized Majestati include elves, dwarves, djinn, and valkyrja. Manicide -- Actively causing someone to disbelieve in magic, destroying their magic potential forever. Marid -- A powerful race of djinn. Mawari -- Wild elves that did not survive the Debacle. Nexus -- The actual spirit of the reincarnated nonhuman within a Majestati. When the Majestati connects to his Nexus, he becomes fully nonhuman. Nibelungs -- Dwarves. Pharaohs -- Djinn who believe in the gods and religion of ancient Egypt, under the guidance of the Incuban Imhotep. Ponthieu Wood -- The location of Elfhame, in France. Ragnarok -- The valkyrjan and dwarven name for the Debacle. Recessives -- Members of races that were brought back one by one by the Incubans. Requiem -- The name given to the spells that the Incubans cast to bring nonhuman spirits into the world again. There were two Requiems. Rings of Andvaranaut -- Ancient rings given to all dwarves. Shaitan -- A race of trickster djinn; the ``imps.'' Shard -- A piece of magic from the Incubans. Ssazanthi -- Dark elves; also one of the three legendary dark elf cities. Sylphi -- Wood elves. Talents -- Natural magical abilities that the Majestati can use. Ulti -- Once high elves, this group of people now works to destroy elves. Valkyrja -- The valkyries, Norse women-warrior of legend. Also the race name for both the valkyrja and the volsunga. Volsunga -- Related to the valkyries, these male warriors are descended from the great-grandson of Odin. Ylphi -- Elves. Zanni -- Humans that know about the Debacle and help the Majestati.